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The Work We Do

Now we need to go beyond the achievements of the past and develop a deeper and sustained support for the families of those who have committed serious violent or sexual crimes. We are convinced that the family can and should play a part in the rehabilitation of the offender, and we are ready to help in the process of forming effective bonds between him and his traumatised family during the sentence and after release. If society is to tackle the problem of serious crime we have to go much further than seeking vengeance, which has a polarising influence and is less effective than justice. Our aim should be the consideration of the whole subject not just part of it which only has negative outcomes. If a prison sentence is to be of any use it must surely be one which give the offender a sound opportunity to discover the root cause of his behaviour. This is a long and painful process. Much has to be considered and account has to be taken of the many consequences.

  1. Consequences of damage in childhood whether emotional, physical or sexual
  2. Consequences of neglect of this damage.
  3. Consequences of the tragic loss or ruin of the victim’s life.
  4. Consequences of the devastation caused to the offender’s loved ones who are, of course, the hidden victims.
  5. Consequences of a long term of incarceration on his family
  6. Consequences of release on the offender and his family as he struggles to face living a useful life in society