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The Support We Offer

To maintain our endeavours nationally costs money as well as time. When the crisis breaks, contact with those who care and understand is vital. But this can lead to a long term commitment from us. Families or serious offenders need constant support, their need is never-ending. Below are a list of the services which we offer.

  1. 24hr. telephone help line-available to prisoners, and ex-prisoners
  2. Confidential advice in the most appropriate setting; your home, mutually arranged meeting-place or home of the adviser.
  3. Long-term regular advice and/or support sessions for families.
  4. Regular commitment to visiting those prisoners who have shown a need for loving support and help in understanding themselves and strengthening relationships
  5. On-going in-depth support by telephone or letter for prisoners and families who are geographically distant.
  6. When visiting us, we offer meals and overnight stay overs or weekends, as appropriate, for advice or respite support.
  7. Meetings, including lunch, free discussion, or private interview as needed.
  8. Accompanying families to court or prison if requested.
  9. We offer in-house specialist training for family members who wish to get involved by becoming an advisor, and who are suitable to do so.

We hope you now have some concept of the range and intensity of the work which we consider to be valuable. Our cause is unattractive, it is not popular and certainly not understood, and yet it offers a vital positive course of action against today's increasingly violent society.